Yao Hao 312 Mini Scalable Focusing Small Flashligh Black

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Name: Yao Hao 312 Mini Scalable Focusing Small
Flashlight Torch Lamp For Bicycle Black

Brand: Yao Hao

Model: 312

Colour: Black

Product Type: Mini Flashlight

Material: Aluminium Alloy

Power Supply: Battery

Battery Type: 3*AAA Battery (Not Included)

Light Source Type: LED

Max Range of Light: 100 Meters

Power: 2W

Product Size: 11*3.1*3.1cm

Product Weight: 80g


*1. Powered by 3 pieces AAA battery or 1 piece 18650 lithium
battery, with 4200 mA 18650 lithium battery, long battery life,  light brightness, and environmental

*2. Using imported CREE wick, the use life span up to 100,000
hours. 3W power consumption, good partner for you to work or ride in dark.

*3. Small but bright, convenient for keep and carry, effective
for use in different occasions.

*4. High brightness LED lamp life, use life span  up to 100,000 hours.

*5. Pure black and hard anodized.

*6. Shell is made of aviation aluminum alloy materials, light,
solid, pressure resistant, and impact resistant.

*7. Thress mode for your option: bright light, low light and

*8. Adjustable zoom, you can adjust the distance of the

*9. Shell processed by oxidation, display the cold metallic

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